Monday, October 26, 2015

How I Got Involved With Acting

It all began when my parents signed me up for dance classes... I started performing through dance when I joined the competition team, the teachers explained the importance to us of using your facial emotions on stage. But this post isn't about dance it's about my love for acting. I had always been in love with watching TV. You may think, oh there are plenty of people who love TV but it doesn't mean anything. Well to me it did, I would often remember all of the lines and then enjoy acting with the show while watching TV. I never told anyone for my love of acting because I thought that there was no chance I would get anywhere with it and it would just end up embarrassing me. Sure, I was in two school plays but I just did that for a chance to have fun with my friends.

That is until recently, summer of  2015 I told my mom that I really did want to try to start acting. She told me that if I wanted to do it I had to find a place where I could get lessons, so I asked the drama teacher at my old school who directed the two school plays I was in. The drama teacher informed me about a few schools and I looked into them but two days later she called my mom. She said to my mom that she was glad I came to her and that she wanted to give me a few lessons before I went to any drama school so I wouldn't get intimidated. She also told my mom that even though I was always shy you could tell that I really did want to act in class and during the play. When my mom asked her how much it would cost the drama teacher said no I wouldn't charge, a lot of people ask me for privates but I usually say no. My mom said that would be ridiculous and to find out how much it would cost.

This made me really excited to begin acting because it was obvious that my teacher wasn't just doing this for the money. Anyways, in the summer I took a few lessons and I fell in love with the art of acting. I learned a few monologues and I was surprisingly good at it. When I switched to North Broward Prep I was encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities here so I joined drama as my elective. That was short lasting and I switched into study hall. When I told my mom of this, well, she basically had a tantrum... for several days. I had never seen her so upset with me. When I asked her why she was so upset she said because I was actually good at it. My mom isn't the type of mom that usually tells me I'm good at things unless I actually am (which isn't often), so this meant a lot to me.

Although I didn't switch back into the drama class at school (because of the heavy work load at school and immature freshmen in that class), I will still continue to pursue my career of acting although it can be discouraging at times. Now I have a question for you, was there anything that you were passionate about but didn't want to tell anyone?