Friday, November 6, 2015

time to sit back and review!!

Now I will review some of the tv shows that I think have amazing acting.

1) Modern Family

Why is the acting so great?

Well it's as simple as each character makes the story feel extremely real, so much so that I believe that almost every family can relate to the show. Eric Stonestreet does an incredible job at playing a flamboyant guy even though he is not gay in real life. Also Ty Burrell knows how to play the part of an embarrassing dad and the same for Julie Bowen as the embarrassing mom.

The comedy in this show is pure genius! I give a lot of credit to the actors and how they don't crack up while shooting this TV show. This show is so funny that once it caused my mom to start hysterically laughing out loud on an airplane.

The show is so great overall because it enables you to feel something and even learn a lesson through a comedy that isn't too serious.

Modern Family has won many awards and is still running strong on it's seventh season.

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2) Friday Night Lights

This is a show I randomly found on Netflix that I ended up loving. I found this show, after I had realized my love for acting so there was more of an appreciation for how the acting actually was. At first I had trouble concentrating on the show but if you keep on watching you will get hooked. 
Why was the acting so great?
It felt extraordinarily real! So real, that it actually felt like a reality show. I know I may sound overdramatic but I'm not joking. Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton did an amazing job on portraying two Texas parents. Kyle Chandler seemed so much like an actual football coach at times I forgot I was watching a scripted show. Connie Britton also did a great job at playing an overly protective mom.
The show ran for a solid five seasons.

3) The O.C.

This was the best drama I had ever watched. The show had hidden humor along with serious drama. My favorite character was Seth Cohen played by Adam Brody, he was the funniest and nerdiest character which was what made him so lovable. This show was full of shock and the acting was superb. The cast included Rachel Bilson, Peter Gallagher, and Mischa Barton. The cast was able to make you feel for their situations (even though it was acting).

more info on The O.C.

There are many more shows featuring an outstanding cast with great acting but these were my top 3!
What are your favorite shows?

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Many Struggles of Acting

When most people hear that I want to become an actress, I can already assume what they're thinking before they even say anything, "hah! yeah so does the rest of the world!", "good luck with that!", "yeah, with what experience?". And they may be true but I've decided to at least give it a try.. My reason behind that is simply because I don't want to regret when I'm older. I've wanted to give acting a shot since I was at least eight but I didn't actually do anything about it until recently, and yes I do regret it. You may be thinking, well why didn't you tell anyone if you wanted it so bad? Well, I was embarrassed to tell anyone and honestly I didn't think I would even be very good at it.

This career often seems impossible. Acting is a hard job that is pretty competitive, many people want it and many people have the talent for it. Then I come in and to be honest I don't have a lot of experience. Even if I did pursue it where do I even begin? Do I start auditioning for commercials because that is the only way you get your face out there? Do I get an agent, but in order to do that you need head shots and a resume which cost money? And even if I did do that what would I even put on my resume? This was a lot for me to take in and it would be easier to just give up at this point.

Acting is often discouraging and I do sometimes think, what's the point of even trying when I could focus on other things. Well, I really enjoy acting and at the end of the day that's what is important. But these struggles don't just apply to acting, you are going to face struggles no matter what, because it's a part of life. So, if everyone gave up people wouldn't be able to achieve their potential. And even if you do fail or don't make it I believe that everything happens for a reason and maybe it just wasn't meant to be. But the things you acquire along the way could end up helping you in the long run.

How has acting benefited me in everyday life?

Well what if I don't end up having a career out of acting? Which is more than likely going to happen. What is the benefit of continuing with acting besides the fact that I love it? Well what if I told you it's actually helped me already in my everyday life.

Let's start off with the least complex things that acting could help you with. Acting has helped me with my reading. Reading all those monologues and/or scripts would of course improve your reading skills. I mean it is reading! Acting also helps widen your vocabulary.. Yes, I have had monologues where there have been words that I don't know, but in order to improve my acting I had to find out what those words mean. My drama teacher made me try some Shakespearian monologues which of course has much different language than our modern day language. Acting can also help with your speech.. For me the least fun part of acting is the warming up (which I don't always do, to be honest) in this you have to do several things in order to make your pronunciation stronger.

Recently, I've noticed that acting has helped me with my SAT/ACT studying. Yeah, shocked me too.. It's helped me because when I'm with my tutor and she makes me read aloud I try to make it seem like I'm reading a script or a monologue. This technique made reading much more interesting to me and allowed me too visualize more of what I'm reading. This later helped me with the questions because since the reading was more interesting than it would usually be, it led me to remember much more of the content I was reading.

Acting has helped me with my confidence. I think that all performing arts improves your confidence in some way. Dance totally changed my life, I became so much more outgoing and confident after I had joined the team. But I was never very confident with reading or speaking in front of people because while dancing I never had to open my mouth to speak. But recently I like to think that acting has helped me with speaking in front of people. A lot of people have the fear of speaking in front of an audience and I think that acting would help you.

In acting you must step into someone else's shoes. This enables you to learn how different personalities think and behave. This is a helpful skill in life because in jobs and social life you have to deal with different kinds of people. Every person is different but I believe that acting allows you to have at least a little bit of insight on why or how others think.

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Monologues?! A MUST IN ACTING

Let's start off with how I found my first monologue... My drama teacher had an app and printed out several monologues each of different difficulty and subject. After looking through many, it wasn't the decision on which one I would learn but we would have to decide which one I would learn first and perfect. We decided on a monologue that was a comedy, it was about a kid who said he (originally a he, we changed it to she) couldn't go over to his friend's house because of his "allergies".

When you first start a monologue you read it a completely different way than the way you will once you have practiced it. You may be thinking, oh it would be easy, and I thought so too. It definitely could be easy but to make the monologue genuinely sound real and portray great acting you have to do more work than simply just read.

My first difficulty was remembering the words of the monologue but that was the least complex part of actually learning the monologue. You have to literally pretend you are that person. My drama teacher started asking me questions as if I was that person. This may sound simple but it's much harder because you only have so much information on what this character is like but you have the responsibility as an actor to assume what their overall personality is.

You have to get into character, become that character. I did this by relating to the character, I've been in situations that I've had to make excuses for in order to not go. This character is trying to come up with any excuse and carry on with that excuse and won't stop till he get's his way. Then once you've got the swing of that, you can't recite the monologue the same way every time. That was the hardest part for me, it's very hard once you get used to saying something a certain way to change it so it's not too repetitive. Although I progressed a lot within this monologue, it was only the beginning.

The next monologue we started actually focusing on was much more difficult. Although it was much harder it was more interesting for me to portray. I fell in love with this character because I really couldn't relate. She was basically psychotic.. This girl's cat got ran over and to put it simply she decided to keep her cat in her fridge. Now she's complaining how the cat is starting to stink up the fridge and it's time for her to bury Fluffy (her cat) because her cat deserves the very best. In this monologue there were so many different emotions. At first I was sad, then mad at the killer, sad again, and then remembering my cat and how I would honor it. I still have yet to perfect this monologue and I should probably get back to practicing it.

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