Thursday, November 5, 2015

How has acting benefited me in everyday life?

Well what if I don't end up having a career out of acting? Which is more than likely going to happen. What is the benefit of continuing with acting besides the fact that I love it? Well what if I told you it's actually helped me already in my everyday life.

Let's start off with the least complex things that acting could help you with. Acting has helped me with my reading. Reading all those monologues and/or scripts would of course improve your reading skills. I mean it is reading! Acting also helps widen your vocabulary.. Yes, I have had monologues where there have been words that I don't know, but in order to improve my acting I had to find out what those words mean. My drama teacher made me try some Shakespearian monologues which of course has much different language than our modern day language. Acting can also help with your speech.. For me the least fun part of acting is the warming up (which I don't always do, to be honest) in this you have to do several things in order to make your pronunciation stronger.

Recently, I've noticed that acting has helped me with my SAT/ACT studying. Yeah, shocked me too.. It's helped me because when I'm with my tutor and she makes me read aloud I try to make it seem like I'm reading a script or a monologue. This technique made reading much more interesting to me and allowed me too visualize more of what I'm reading. This later helped me with the questions because since the reading was more interesting than it would usually be, it led me to remember much more of the content I was reading.

Acting has helped me with my confidence. I think that all performing arts improves your confidence in some way. Dance totally changed my life, I became so much more outgoing and confident after I had joined the team. But I was never very confident with reading or speaking in front of people because while dancing I never had to open my mouth to speak. But recently I like to think that acting has helped me with speaking in front of people. A lot of people have the fear of speaking in front of an audience and I think that acting would help you.

In acting you must step into someone else's shoes. This enables you to learn how different personalities think and behave. This is a helpful skill in life because in jobs and social life you have to deal with different kinds of people. Every person is different but I believe that acting allows you to have at least a little bit of insight on why or how others think.

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