Friday, November 6, 2015

time to sit back and review!!

Now I will review some of the tv shows that I think have amazing acting.

1) Modern Family

Why is the acting so great?

Well it's as simple as each character makes the story feel extremely real, so much so that I believe that almost every family can relate to the show. Eric Stonestreet does an incredible job at playing a flamboyant guy even though he is not gay in real life. Also Ty Burrell knows how to play the part of an embarrassing dad and the same for Julie Bowen as the embarrassing mom.

The comedy in this show is pure genius! I give a lot of credit to the actors and how they don't crack up while shooting this TV show. This show is so funny that once it caused my mom to start hysterically laughing out loud on an airplane.

The show is so great overall because it enables you to feel something and even learn a lesson through a comedy that isn't too serious.

Modern Family has won many awards and is still running strong on it's seventh season.

more info on modern family

2) Friday Night Lights

This is a show I randomly found on Netflix that I ended up loving. I found this show, after I had realized my love for acting so there was more of an appreciation for how the acting actually was. At first I had trouble concentrating on the show but if you keep on watching you will get hooked. 
Why was the acting so great?
It felt extraordinarily real! So real, that it actually felt like a reality show. I know I may sound overdramatic but I'm not joking. Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton did an amazing job on portraying two Texas parents. Kyle Chandler seemed so much like an actual football coach at times I forgot I was watching a scripted show. Connie Britton also did a great job at playing an overly protective mom.
The show ran for a solid five seasons.

3) The O.C.

This was the best drama I had ever watched. The show had hidden humor along with serious drama. My favorite character was Seth Cohen played by Adam Brody, he was the funniest and nerdiest character which was what made him so lovable. This show was full of shock and the acting was superb. The cast included Rachel Bilson, Peter Gallagher, and Mischa Barton. The cast was able to make you feel for their situations (even though it was acting).

more info on The O.C.

There are many more shows featuring an outstanding cast with great acting but these were my top 3!
What are your favorite shows?

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